Cabernet sauvignon comes from the Bordeaux area and is today one of the most commonly cultivated red wines in the world, including the Brda
It's common. The wine is ruby ​​red, rich in alcohol, with a characteristic aroma of blueberries and strawberries.

Sort: 100% grape cabernet sauvignon
Sugar: dry
Harvest: purely manual
Fermentation: 100% in stainless steel tanks, approx. 10 daily maceration at a temperature of up to 28 ° C
Maturing: 100% in stainless steel tanks
Origin: Goriška Brda wine region
Location: SW, J
Vineyard shape: terraced
Altitude: 120 - 200 m
Mode of education: single Guyot
Planting density: 3500 r / ha
Age of vineyards: 10 - 35 years
Earth type: marl, sandstone
Climate: sub-Mediterranean, a mixture of warm sea air and the influence of cold alpine winds

Wine is offered at room temperature of 16-18 ° C

Cabernet sauvignon is recommended with a pork or beef roast or with mature cheeses.